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Managing your money shouldn’t give you a headache. That’s why we’ve created a range of flexible and accessible bank accounts.

Everyday Account

Deeming Access Account

Our Deeming Access Account is specifically designed for those aged 55 and over who are receiving a Government or superannuation pension. With interest rates set in line with Government deeming rates, you can easily manage your pension and the interest you receive on your savings

No monthly


Tiered interest


Access online



Key features of the Deeming Access Account are:

  • Tiered interest rate aligned to Government deeming rates
  • Interest calculated daily, paid monthly
  • No monthly account keeping fees
  • 24 hour access via internet banking, phone banking and mobile banking
  • Visa Debit Card access with your choice of card design
  • Access to over 3000 rediATMs*
  • Tap and go payments with Visa payWave
  • Direct debit and credit facility
  • Cheque facility available
  • Banking at Australia Post available
To open a Deeming Access Account, go online, call us on 1300 13 23 28 to speak to a consultant, or visit us in person at your nearest branch.

Rates and Fees

Here’s a summary of the rates and fees for the Deeming Access Account.


  • Tier 1 - $0 to $49,200: 1.75% p.a. 
  • Tier 2 - $49,201 or more: Up to 3.25% p.a.

*The first $49,200 earns interest at the lower interest rate regardless of account balance


  • Additional fees may be payable.  For information about these fees please see our Fees and Charges Schedule.No monthly account keeping fee
  • Interest calculated daily and paid monthly

Download the Schedule of Fees and Charges


Take a look at our most frequently asked questions about the everyday Deeming Access Account. Or, call us on 1300 13 23 28 to speak to a consultant if you have a different question.

How do I qualify for a Deeming Access Account?
If you’re over 55 years old and are receiving a government   pension, you can apply for a Deeming Access Account.

What’s the most amount of money I can transfer?
The maximum amount you can transfer at one time is $10,000. 

How does Visa payWave work?
Your new card is embedded with an antenna so that when it’s held against the payWave reader, a secure message is transmitted to the terminal to process your transaction. Visa payWave is only for purchases under $100. 

How do I open a Deeming Access Account?
You can open a Deeming Access Account securely online, in branch or over the phone.

Can I earn interest on my balance?
Yes, you can earn interest on your balance, which is calculated daily and paid into your account monthly. Refer to the comparison table below for our current interest rates.

Monthly Service Fees
Visa Debit Card Access
Direct Debit and Credit Facility
Choose your debit card design
Cheque Facility
Interest Rate
Online and phone banking
Bank @ Post
Branch Banking
Interest Calculated
Interest Paid

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