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Here you’ll find tips on growing your savings, starting out your first job and other fun stuff for teens.

Tips on earning money & saving money

10 April 2017

Tips on earning money & saving money

Earning money

  • Offer to do chores for allowances
  • Let your family or family friends know you have free time and are available to help out around the house such as gardening, babysitting, pet-sitting or even tutoring
  • Sell your things
  • With the help of your parents, you can organise ads to sell any of your old belongings
  • Instagram and Facebook have posts and groups that allow you to sell any of your things online such as old clothes, toys or even furniture
  • Out with old – in with the new!
  • Decorate your car – in ads
  • Yes, you can get paid for decorating your car in ads – but first research and discuss the process with your parents
  • Find a short-term casual job
  • If you don’t want to commit to a permanent part-time job while you’re studying, have a look for one-off casual jobs such as costume appearances or a pop-up store assistant

Saving money

  • Prioritise your purchases
  • Differentiate between what you want and what you need
  • Budget
  • Write down a diary of things you NEED to pay for the week such as groceries or depositing money into a savings account – then budget your extra money into the things you want
  • When you’re going out, give yourself a limit of how much to spend for the day
  • Have a look at your receipts
  • On occasion you’ll be able to find incentives at the bottom of receipts from a department store or a grocery store for filling out a survey
  • They also sometimes have ads at the back that offer vouchers for you to use
  • Understand your debit card and the ATM you use
  • Know the fees and charges tied to your accounts
  • Lucky for you – with your Junior Saver Account you receive six (6) free rediATM transactions per month and six (6) free EFTPOS transactions per month with no monthly account keeping fees
  • Keeping an eye out on how many ATM and EFTPOS transactions you make each month will make you bank-smart!
  • Take advantage of your student benefits
  • Just because you’re a full time student and are packed out with homework and assignments, doesn’t mean it’s all boring!
  • Student ID comes with benefits such as movie and shopping discounts
  • Sign up to sites such as Student Edge and UNIdays
  • Research your mobile phone plans
  • Is your current mobile phone plan draining your account? Maybe look for something more cost-efficient and tailored to your needs
  • Maybe even considering a monthly cap so that you do not unknowingly spend more than you should

Photograph by Roderick Eime

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