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CGU’s Motor Vehicle Policy Updates

16 August 2017

CGU’s Motor Vehicle Policy Updates

We are pleased to announce that CGU has introduced improvements to their Motor Vehicle policy.

This is great news for our members who will see valuable increases in cover for the following key areas:

  • Personal Items will be covered up to $1000
  • Emergency Repairs will be covered up to $800
  • Motorcycle Helmet & Protective Gear will be covered up to $2000 (however the most CGU will pay for any one item of protective clothing is $1000)

These changes will be included in a Supplementary Product Disclosure Statement (SPDS) that will be distributed alongside all Product Disclosure Statements (PDS’s) issued after 1 August.

CGU’s improvements will see the provision of greater cover for our members, guaranteeing compensation for the damage or theft of higher value goods. 

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