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Mobile App Release 3.0

30 August 2017

Mobile App Release 3.0

We’ve updated our Mobile Banking app to give members even greater functionality.

  • Fixed colour contrasts throughout the app
  • Amended Transfer/Pay, Someone/BPAY confirmation message to have BSB and Account number of the ‘Pay from’ account in the message
  • Updated the heading in the menu bar (top left corner) to read ‘Menu’ instead of ‘Settings’
  • Updated feedback page dialogue
  • Updated bottom navigation icons
  • Updated Find us page, with the black highlight showing the active state of the display options
  • Updated first time user set up flow
  • Right aligning the Available and Balance values in each account block

Ready to update?

The Android app is ready for download now. Click here to download from the Google Play Store. 

The iPhone app is also ready for download. Existing users will receive a notification that the update is available in the App Store. For users that don’t already have the iPhone app, you can download it from the iTunes Store.

For the safety of your accounts, Android devices that have been rooted will not be able to use all functionality, for example the Tap & Pay or PIN change feature. They will also be unable to transfer to new payees or billers. 
Normal carrier data and mobile charges will occur using outside of Wi-Fi.

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