January 2018 Communiqué

What you need to do

29 December 2017

What you need to do

Here are a few points to help you get prepared!

FIRSTLY, you’ll need to check we have your preferred email, mobile and landline numbers. You can check and update these by logging into Internet Banking. When we launch we will use these details for your one-time password (OTP) security. Note: if you don’t have Internet Banking, please contact us at 1300 13 23 28.

SECONDLY, you’ll need to know your BSB and 9-digit Account number. When we launch, all accounts will now be described as 9-digit account numbers as opposed to the alpha-numeric description today.
Note: For any current direct credits that are in place, there is no action needed from you. For any new direct credits, please make sure to use your BSB and 9-digit Account number.

THIRDLY, offline limits will be functioning over the weekend of transition in late February. There should be minimal disruption to your banking, however, to be extra prepared, withdraw cash in advance.

LASTLY, our Internet and Mobile Banking services will be down on the weekend of transition (two days) and will be back up again when we launch the following Monday.

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