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10 beaches to visit in Australia this summer!

10 beaches to visit in Australia this summer!


1. Hyams Beach - Jervis Bay

Hyams Beach - Phil Whitehouse
​Photographed by Phil Whitehouse

2. Garie Beach - Royal National Park

Garie Beach - Stephan Ridgway
​​Photographed by Stephan Ridgway

3. Dreamtime Beach - Tweeds Head

Dreamtime Beach - Daniel Pink
​Photographed by Daniel Pink


4. Palm Cove - Tropical North Queensland

Palm Cove - Michael Coghlan
​​Photographed by Michael Coghlan

5. South Gorge Beach - North Stradbroke Island

South Gorge Beach - Michael Zimmer
​Photographed by Michael Zimmer


6. Lincoln National Park Beach

Lincoln National Park - Luke Flitter
​​Photographed by Luke Flitter


7. Cobourg Peninsula - Garig Gunak Barlu National Park

Cobourg Peninsula - Kiwinz
​​Photographed by Kiwinz


8. Bridgewater Bay - Portland

Bridgewater Bay - Jono Colliver
​Photographed by Jono Colliver


9. The Basin - Rottnest Island

The Basin - David Eastwell
​​Photographed by David Eastwell

10. Turquoise Bay - Exmouth

Turquoise Bay - Traveling Otter
​Photographed by Traveling Otter
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