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27 Mar 2020

We are here to...

We understand that members may experience financial hardship arising from many causes including COVID-19.  If you are concerned about your financial position we can assist you.  There are a number of things we can do;
20 Mar 2020

Second RBA Rat...

As the COVID-19 pandemic unfolds in our community many people are concerned and worried about their own circumstances as well as the situation for friends, family and loved ones near and far.  I want to re-confirm, that here at Australian Military Bank, our focus is ensuring that we continue to b
13 Mar 2020

Further Intere...

Australian Military Bank has announced it will extend the full 25 bps rate cut recently announced by The Reserve Bank of Australia to all new and existing variable home loans as well as new fixed home loans effective 26/03/2020.  In great news for depositors the rates payable to members for at-
05 Mar 2020

Interest Rate...

Australian Military Bank has announced it will pass on the full 0.25 bps rate cut to all existing variable home loans effective 26/3/2020. We will be integrating this historically low rate for variable loans with participation in DHOAS and FHLDS schemes that place eligible members at a significa
02 Mar 2020

Australian Mil...

Australian Military Bank Chairman, John Brooks today welcomed new CEO Darlene Mattiske-Wood, replacing John Ford who exits the business after seven years in the role. “We are delighted to welcome Darlene to the bank and look forward to her leadership building on our substantial steps forward in digital innovation and member experience” says
20 Feb 2020

Australian Mil...

Australian Military Bank opened its new flagship digital-first branch at Willi
06 Feb 2020

Australian Mil...

The Australian Military Bank has welcomed the announcement by the Government t
28 Jan 2020


Read The Australian news article here.
22 Jan 2020

First Half Yea...

While many of the mutual and neo banks are driving their marketing with the fl
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