Member - in Focus

Member - in Focus


David Smith joined Australian Military Bank in 1984 (previously ADCU), when posted to Enoggera Barracks, Brisbane.

"The initial Manager in Enoggera was Roger Thornley. I had known Roger in the Military when he was a LtCol. He was obviously extremely friendly and helpful as he set up my first loan for a Dats un Bluebird.

I moved to Wagga Wagga and continued to bank with AMB (previously ADCU). I ran across several of my fellow servicemen’s spouses working at the Bank. Duty then led me to several bases around the nation and there was always a friendly AMB office on hand ready to assist me.

During that time and after departing the services, AMB had helped me purchase around 6 – 8 cars and 6 houses, both to live in and as investment properties. Always friendly and always efficient. In fact, one of the car purchases was from the UK!

I have always received great service and assistance through Australian Military Bank and will always recommend them to family and friends. I am still a member after some 37 years and the digital and phone service is still outstanding."

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