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Military Rewards Charity in Profile: Mates4Mates

Military Rewards Charity in Profile: Mates4Mates


Mates4Mates recently held their annual National Appeal Day, raising vital funds for veterans and their families. With the support of the community and partners, they raised over $106,000 which will be used to deliver more than 50 new programs in 2021 targeting issues like depression, addiction, persistent pain and rebuilding relationships.

We know the valuable work Mates4Mates does and decided to get on board to support the National Appeal once again. In November, we raised over $9,800. Every donation makes such a difference, like it did for Ted and Steve (pictured). They knew of each other while serving in the Australian Army, but it wasn’t until they had discharged and met again at Mates4Mates that a strong bond formed.

Three years on, they both volunteer at the Mates4Mates Family Recovery centre café to not only support their own recovery but be a listening ear and helping hand to other veterans impacted by service. “By helping other people, you help yourself. Making a coffee for someone who is having a bad day and having a chat, you can see their spirits lift, and it lifts you up too,” Ted said. When asked why people should donate to Mates4Mates, Steve said, “You might save a life. If someone is looking for a reason not to be here, Mates4Mates shows them that life is worth it.”

To donate or find out more about the work Mates4Mates do, please visit

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