January 2020 Communiqué

Military Rewards Charity in Profile: Mates4Mates

01 January 2020

Military Rewards Charity in Profile: Mates4Mates

Mates4Mates held their National Appeal Day on 14 November 2019 to raise funds for veterans with service-related injuries and their families. 

Mates4Mates raised more than $101,000 which will enable the delivery of more life-changing services. Australian Military Bank lent a helping hand during the National Appeal drive, with donation boxes present at each branch across the country. We’d like to thank those members who generously donated to the cause – every donation makes a difference. 

As one of their Mates recently said, “After becoming a Mate, life started  to improve. I learnt that if you face  your demons, get the right help and treatment, you can turn your life around.” 

You can show your support to Mates4Mates at mates4mates.org

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