October 2019 Communiqué

Military Rewards Charity in Profile: RSL DefenceCare

30 September 2019

Military Rewards Charity in Profile: RSL DefenceCare

RSL DefenceCare answers the call of veterans in crisis. Providing help through financial assistance, counselling and claims support.

Ross was medically discharged from the army with a growing list of injuries and alcohol issues. He struggled to adjust to civilian life and couldn’t hold down a job. Drowning in debt with deteriorating mental health and having separated from his wife, Ross needed a way out

Ross reached out to RSL DefenceCare for help. The RSL DefenceCare counsellor was able to help Ross open up about his struggles, and also put him in touch with a counselling service in his local area. This helped Ross feel like he wasn’t alone and led to the realisation that he needed to reconnect with his children for his wellbeing.

When Ross decided to move to Sydney to be near his son and grandchildren, RSL DefenceCare helped organise accommodation for him and covered the costs of removalists. Ross has since reconnected with his son and visits regularly. He says spending time with his two grandsons is the best therapy he could have ever hoped for.

In FY2019 RSL DefenceCare provided over $990,000 in financial assistance to veterans and families, like Ross, struggling with life after service.

If you want to help support veterans in crisis and the work RSL DefenceCare does, you can volunteer for this year’s Poppy Appeal. The Poppy Appeal raises funds to support Australian veterans and their families in need. To find out more and volunteer for the appeal visit www.defencecare.org.au/get_involved/poppy-appeal.

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