April 2019 Communiqué

Online Banking Enhancements

01 April 2019

Online Banking Enhancements

We’re excited to release new enhancements to our Online Banking Services.    

Most recently, in both Internet and Mobile banking we’ve released:

  • The ability to customise/edit account names.
    • For Internet Banking, simply select the product from your home screen and an edit icon will appear against the current account name.
    • For Mobile Banking you can do this once you have selected the specific account from the accounts tile.
  • The ability to view the ‘advance amount’ of a loan account.
    • For Internet Banking, this will appear in the right-hand column for all loan products.
    • For Mobile Banking, this will appear in your account details section (red icon) for each loan product held.
  • The ability to review ‘pending’ transactions in Mobile Banking.

These enhancements are the first of many to be released over the coming months. If there are any suggestions you have on how we can improve our Online Banking services, please email us at service@australianmilitarybank.com.au. Mobile Banking Applications, please email us at service@australianmilitarybank.com.au.

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