January 2020 Communiqué

PayID is here!

01 January 2020

PayID is here!

What is PayID?

PayID is an address for real time payments. This means, you can make and receive payments using something easy to remember, like your mobile number or email address. Once linked to an account of your choice, simply share your PayID with friends, family and colleagues instead of your BSB and account number.

Why register for PayID? 

Whether you need to recieve payment from a friend for dinner or send money to a loved one, you can now do so in real time with PayID. This means that payments are processed instantly, without having to wait hours, or in  some cases, days, for payments to be processed.
Find out more: australianmilitarybank.com.au/payid

Register for a PayID in under a minute on Internet or Mobile Banking today!

  1. Create: Register your mobile number or email as a PayID using Internet or Mobile Banking
  2. Share: Share your PayID with family and friends
  3. Send: Send and receive payments in real time between eligible accounts, 24/7

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