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Transaction Disputes

Transaction Disputes  


What is a transaction dispute? 

A transaction dispute is when you wish to query a transaction on your account or card. The types of transactions you may wish to query include unauthorised, fraudulent or unrecognised transactions. 


Before you lodge a dispute 

Please review the transaction carefully; card transactions may appear on your statements after a delay. Please ensure the transaction has been posted to your AMB account and no longer has pending status before you lodge a dispute with the Bank.  

If you have an additional card/account holder we recommend to check with them if transaction was authorised, the remitter and amount recognised by them. We also recommend in some instances to contact the merchant directly in order to resolve the dispute.   

You need to contact the merchant if you are unsatisfied with your purchase, were charged incorrectly, you did not receive the goods, the goods are damaged or poor quality or you are still subscribed to a service you no longer want.  

If you proceed with your dispute we’ll need evidence (such as emails) that you contacted the merchant regarding the transaction and attempted to resolve the dispute with them directly. 

We may contact you for additional details if information provided is not sufficient. 

For payments such as Direct Entry (EFT), BPAY and NPP (real time payments) you may also contact the recipient first (if known to the sender) to ask for the funds to be returned. If the recipient of the funds is unknown to the sender or unauthorised access to internet or mobile banking detected – contact the bank as soon as possible. 

For EFT payments where funds were mistakenly transferred to an incorrect recipient, please ensure you provide the Bank with the intended account details while lodging the dispute.  

Be aware of the fee the Bank may charge even if the recall of funds/dispute is unsuccessful.  


How to lodge a dispute 

If you wish to proceed with lodging a dispute with us. Please follow the steps below:  

Step 1: Is your dispute related to your account or card? 

Step 2: Download the appropriate form  

Electronic Transaction disputes

Card Transaction disputes

Step 3: Fill out the form. Before we can fully investigate the dispute, you must include as much detail as possible, including account details, time of transaction and merchant. PLUS supporting evidence that you attempted to contact either the merchant or the fund recipient to resolve the dispute in the first instance. 

Step 4: Please send your completed form to  


How long will it take? 

Your dispute may take up to 30 days to be resolved. For some types of card disputes these timeframes are dependent on us receiving all the required information in the first instance and often timeframes can be extended if the merchant challenges your claim. 


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