Your Bank is Transforming


We’re transforming your banking experience!

We’re excited to announce that we have started on a journey of transformation by investing in new technology to upgrade our internet and mobile banking services launching late February 2018.

The new digital service offerings included in the new internet and mobile banking services are; budgeting tools & calculators, PIN change and card activation, real time alerts, offers and online account opening, OTP – Two factor authentication, NPP Registration, card block services and improved communication preferences.

Member focused innovation

  • Budgeting tools & calculators
  • PIN change & card activation
  • Real time alerts
  • International payments
  • Offers & online account opening
  • Faster turnaround times
  • New payments platform (NPP)

Upgrading our technology

  • Investment made to upgrade systems and banking functionality
  • Partnering with a world class company for delivery
  • Allowance for additional partnership plug ins
  • New Internet Banking
  • New Mobile Banking

What you need to update?

In preparation for your new banking experience we’re asking members to make sure to update their contact details, email and mobile phone numbers.

When you log into your NEW Internet Banking; you can update your details by clicking on the 'My Profile' tab and then 'Edit' your personal details.

Enhanced security measures

  • OTP – Two factor authentication
  • Communication preferences
  • Card block services
  • Enhanced fraud detection
  • Move to secured cloud services
  • Real time alerts for transactions

Did you know?

When you want to transfer money to someone, you’ll need the recipients BSB and account number; or if anyone is transferring money into your account; you’ll need your BSB and account number.

The BSB for Australian Military Bank is: 642 170

You can find this information when you log into your NEW Internet Banking next to each of your accounts, displaying your BSB and A/c. Number.

Frequently Asked Questions about the new digital banking services

Whilst the journey of transformation is an exciting one, we know that there are questions you'll need answering. See below FAQs; if you have any other questions, please feel free to call us on 1300 13 23 28.

What is this transformation, why is it happening and when will it happen?

Our members’ financial needs are profoundly changing the way in which they interact with their bank, so we have recently commenced on a transformation journey by investing in new technologies to align with these expectations.

The new core banking system, internet banking platform and mobile banking app aimed at launching in late February 2018 is aimed at providing an enhanced member experience including on demand automation and enhanced digital offerings.

What enhancements will the new internet banking & mobile banking app provide you?

Some enhancements included in the new internet and mobile banking services are:

  • Budgeting tools – enabling you to track spending, set up goals on accounts and track savings, as well as a range of handy calculators to help budget when looking to borrow monies;
  • Card PIN change – enabling you to reset a customisable card PIN online;
  • Increased security functionality – One Time Password (OTP) two factor authentication further protecting members transactions;
  • Real time alerts – on balances, deposits or withdrawals made;
  • International payments – enabling you to send monies overseas online;
  • Offers – advising you of current offers and events available to take advantage of and having the ability to apply directly online;
  • Communication preferences – the ability to select how you would like to hear from us and the ability to send us secure mail service requests, and finally;
  • New Payments Platform registration – providing you with the choice of making real time payments through the New Payments Platform (NPP).

Is there anything I need to do before the launch in late February 2018?

Yes, please ensure your current contact details (email address, mobile and landline numbers) are correct. This can be easily checked and updated via online banking, contacting us on 1300 13 23 28, or visiting your local branch.

Will all my account information and balances come across to the new system?

Yes, you won’t need to worry as all active accounts, cards, and records will migrate to the new system. Members who have payroll allocation splits will see a difference in how these are displayed within their transaction listings.

Will my accounts change?

Your accounts will not change; however, they will be reflected differently in the new system. From the conversion date, all accounts will be reflected with a BSB and 9-digit account number, as opposed to the current alpha - numeric description. For example:

Current Account Description New Account Description

Military Rewards Account


Military Rewards Account

BSB: 642 170                                

Account: 100XXXXXX


How do I find out what my BSB and account numbers are for all my accounts?

The Australian Military Bank BSB (642 170) and your 9-digit account numbers are located on Internet Banking. Click on the “Services & Help” tab and “BSB Information”.  Alternatively, you can find this on your statements in the “Accounts Summary” section. You can also contact us on 1300 13 23 28 or visit your local branch to find out more.

Will there be any outages where I won’t have access to services like ATM, Internet and Mobile Banking?

On the weekend of the transition, we will be migrating to the new systems. There will be limited to no outages to ATMs so you will still be able to access cash via ATMs and EFTPOS facilities. However the internet banking service and the mobile banking app will not be available during this time and the new and improved internet banking and mobile banking app will be available again for the launch in late February 2018. We ask and thank you for your patience over this weekend as we work towards delivering an easy and modern banking service dedicated to the Australian Defence Community. 

Will I still use the same log in and password for Internet Banking?

When you log into Internet Banking from late February 2018, you’ll be prompted to re-register/reset a new password via the “New to Online Banking” link.  You’ll need to enter a one-time-password (OTP) to securely identify yourself and then set up a new password (8-16 characters long). You’ll then be prompted to set up your secret question. The process should only take a few minutes, however once you have completed this; you can enjoy all the new design functionalities that the new Internet Banking platform will provide. 

I have bookmarked the Internet Banking link, why does it no longer work?

From launch in late February 2018, we will have a new internet banking platform. Therefore, you will need to remove your current bookmark link of the old internet banking platform and bookmark the NEW link in late February 2018.

There are unusual characters and symbols as well as different fonts that appear when I am on Internet Banking, how can this be fixed?

Some users may find these issues when using Internet Explorer. To avoid this, download and use Google Chrome as your main browser when using Internet Banking.

What is a secret question and what is it used for?

Your secret question can be set up in internet banking and this secret question will allow you to be identified when you visit us in branch or when you contact us on 1300 13 23 28, or if you want to change your password for internet banking in the future.

Will I still use the same passcode to log into the Mobile Banking App?

From late February 2018, our mobile app will be replaced with a completely new version. Therefore all members will need to download the new app from Google Play Store for Android or the iTunes Store for Apple. Once downloaded, members will be prompted to re-register and set a new 4 digit passcode. Once set, members can enjoy the new design functionalities that the new mobile app will provide.

What is a one-time password and why do I need it?

As part of our ongoing commitment to member security, we’ve implemented Two Factor Authentication security to ensure your banking is secure when transacting through the internet or your mobile. The one-time password (OTP) is an automatically generated numeric string of characters that authenticates specific transactions and is a secure way to protect you. The OTP is sent directly to your email address, mobile or landline number, so it’s important that we hold your current email address and mobile/landline numbers on file.

Are there any other changes I will need to know about the Bank Transformation?

Yes, as part of our migration to the new core banking system, we’ve reviewed some of our Fees & Charges and our Terms & Conditions. These changes can be located on our website.

If I have any questions about any of the above changes, how can I contact the bank?

If you have questions about the new core banking, internet banking and mobile banking app being launched in late February 2018, you can contact us by:

Do we need to change our details to ensure our pay is sent to the right account?

If you have had a previous direct credit instruction / payroll allocation instruction this will remain in place. What you will see however is the credit / payroll will be credited directly to one account and then distributed accordingly to your other account as per your instructions on file.

If you find you want to change the account your credit / payroll is directed to, please email us at

Alternatively, if you want to change where your employer credits your salary, you can provide them the BSB (642 170) and 9 digit account number.


Please note: Your account number is a 9-10 digit numeric sequence as per the following example:

  Format Used For
Member # 2-7 Digits
  • Logging into Internet & Mobile Banking
  • Verifying yourself over the phone
BSB Australian Military Bank
BSB number: 642 170
  • Transferring & receiving money externally
Account # 9-10 digits
  • Transferring & receiving money both internally & externally
  • Identifies each of your accounts

There is no need for members to use the old alpha numeric format anymore for e.g. your old S18 is now your Military Rewards Account with a 9 digit account #.

How do I disable the alerts I receive?

There are two types of alerts members receive.

  1. OTP for Internet and Mobile Banking: This verifies your security when you register for Internet and Mobile Banking or want to set up specific functions for example, creating a new BPAYee.
  2. Account specific alerts: These aim to advise members that a payment has been processed successfully or that you have reset your password.

Some account alerts can be disabled via Internet Banking if you go to the 'My Profile' menu, then 'Alerts' on the right-hand side. Choose your accounts and ensure SMS and Email is set to 'No'. This can also be modified via Mobile Banking once you login. Click the top left-hand corner menu, then press 'Settings', then 'Alerts'.

When choosing to send an OTP via email, it arrives too late and becomes ‘expired’. How do I receive a quicker OTP?

Based on member feedback, we've extended the time you've got to use your OTP to 6 minutes.

I’m receiving errors when transferring via BPAY.

Biller codes changes from time to time. As part of the new system we have migrated all members address books (BPAY and external accounts) to Internet and Mobile Banking. However some biller codes have changed over the course of the last few years, and it’s a timely refresher for members to check that the biller codes in their address books are correct. If they are not, members can either edit the biller in their book or delete it and set up a new one.

You can view your demonstration video on how to add, edit or delete a payee here.

I’m receiving errors when transferring from an Australian Military Bank account to an external bank account.

Please ensure you have enough funds in your ‘From’ account and are inserting the correct details of the recipient’s BSB and account number.

I’m receiving errors when transferring internally to another member of Australian Military Bank.

Please ensure you have enough funds in your ‘From’ account and are inserting the correct details of the Australian Military Bank BSB (642 170) and the recipient’s account number. You can validate whether you have enough funds by checking your ‘Available Balance’.

You can view our demonstration video on how to make a payment here.

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