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18 May 2017

Australian Mil...

Australian Military Bank is proud to announce its new partnership with mortgage advisors Smartline. Smartline was established in 1999 and now has over 300 advisors around Australia. Smartline arranged mortgages for over 275,000 Australians and settled $6 billion in loans last year. Australian
09 May 2017

Is it time to...

Whilst Australia’s current interest rates are low it is certainly worth reviewing your home loan each year. Refinancing is the action you take in replacing your existing home loan with a new product that results in a cost-effective and flexible outcome. This involves switching to a new product
19 Apr 2017

Things to know...

Buying your first property can be daunting, however with our easy tips we’ll help you become a home owner sooner than you think! Here are a few things to consider:
10 Apr 2017

Tips on earnin...

Earning money Offer to do chores for allowances Let your family or family friends know you have free time and are available to help out around the house such as gardening, babysitting, pet-sitting or even tutoring Sell your things With the help of your parents, you can organise ads to
10 Apr 2017

Common myths t...

1.    Lightning never strikes the same place twice. Actually, that’s not the case. Lightning tends to strike the same place over and over again. The Empire State Building gets hit 100 times a year. Any tall structure or tree is prone to multiple hits from lightning during electrical storms. 2.    If you swallow chewing gum, it will st
10 Apr 2017

Top places to...

Feeling a little adventurous this autumn? How about make a little getaway out
10 Apr 2017

What's on...

Will you be prepared for Australia’s chilly nights? Don’t worry if you’r
10 Apr 2017

Give us your f...

Member Insights survey is heading your way... How can we improve your bankin
07 Apr 2017

Military Rewar...

Our charity partner, Soldier On, is a not-for-profit veteran organisation deli
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